How We Grow Microgreens

It All Begins with the Soil

To grow the finest quality organic produce, one must start with the seed and the soil - where it takes root.  The Soil.  We begin with highly fertile soil, certified organic seed selected for Microgreen production.

Seeding & Germination

We first fill our seed trays mechanically with an automated tray filler. 

We then seed the trays with the desired microgreen (sunflower, arugula, mustard, radish, cilantro, snow pea, broccoli, kale), water them and then place them on rolling carts. 

We then wheel them into a germination chamber where the temperature and humidity is high and stable

From Seed to Cotyledon

Once they have germinated we then roll the carts to one of our 12 greenhouses, and place the trays onto the tables. 

Many of our tables are heated, which increase our germination and speed at which they grow.  We will supplement with grow lights in the winter and overcast days.  

Now that the trays are in the greenhouses and exposed to sunlight they begin to grow rapidly. 

They've emerged from the seed and are at the cotyledon stage which is right before they get their true leaf. 

Most of the nutrition the microgreen will need initially comes from the seed and is present in the green itself.  Making the microgreen highly nutritious.

Harvesting & Packaging

Once they've grown to the desired age, height, and coloration we harvest them. 

Depending on the variety and time of year this may take as little as 7-10 days. 

We hand harvest every green with mechanical clippers and take them directly to our washing and packing building. 

They are then placed in cold water to drop their temperature, this extends their shelf life, and then they are washed, air dried, packaged and placed into refrigeration at 34 degrees.  When refrigerated they will last at least 10-14 days. 

Watch a Video of Our Process:


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