Sustainable Farming Practices

Barn Structure – Designed to meet LEED standards, engage audiences and house some of our farm operations.

Vegetable Fields – Year round crop production in rotation with cover cropping.

Compost – For soil amendment and recycling leftover wood chips otherwise destined for a trash pile.

Perennials – Muscadine, Blueberries, Figs, floral pollinator habitats.

Microgreens – Year round microgreen production.

Agritourism – Promotes organic and sustainable farming education and engagement within our community.

Oyster Shell Recycling Station – to the left of the farm's entrance is an oyster shell recycling station where community members can drop off used oyster shells. After letting the shells dry for 6 months, the Department of Natural Resources will pick them up and haul them out to the state's estuaries, where the dumped shells provide a surface for free-swimming larvae to clamp onto, ensuring future oyster harvests!